The Counselling Shed

For men and women who are feeling low, lost or lacklustre

Men live under the pressure of one unrelenting message: Do not be perceived as weak. *
For women the message is: be perfect, but make it look effortless.

Welcome to The Counselling Shed

My name is Bradley Starkey and I am a fully qualified, fully insured and professionally registered counsellor. I am based in a discrete location between Canterbury and Faversham, in Kent, UK.

I support men and women who are feeling lost, low or lacklustre and I help them to achieve self acceptance, a sense of worth, authentic direction and joy.

Earlier in my life I faced some personal problems that I did not feel able to talk to anyone about at the time. I therefore know something of the distressing burden that can be experienced when we feel that we are all on our own with our problems. Eventually I sought the help of a counsellor.

Are you feeling apprehensive about Counselling?

The initial step of deciding whether or not to contact a counsellor – the step that also involves admitting that we could use some support and that we cannot do it all alone – is often a nerve racking step. It is also a courageous step. So if you are feeling fearful, unsure, worried or scared, then you have my full understanding.

Who I support

I have set out on this website page, the types of people and the types of problems that I have experience in supporting. I offer a non-judgmental space for you to share as little or as much as your feel comfortable with so that together we can work out what you might be looking for from counselling and what the best way forward for you might be. I will not ‘make you’ do anything or put any demands upon you but I will support you to identify what it is that you need. I am LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirmative.

I look forward to offering you a discrete, supportive and effective counselling service.

Face to Face and Online Counselling

Counselling sessions are either face to face, online, or a mixture of the two: please call and we can work out a best way forward for you. For local clients – the counselling shed is located between Canterbury and Faversham in Kent and if anyone is worried about whether they will be seen, or bump into colleagues, family or friends, the counselling shed is located in a discrete and private location.

Appointments are offered daytime or evening subject to availability.

Counselling Fees

My fee is £55 per session.

I have limited number of discounted rate slots for students of counselling and full-time students (evidence will be required) at £45 per session.

I offer a 5% discount for block booking of 6 consecutive sessions and 10% discount for block booking of 10 consecutive sessions. Feel free to call me for a no obligation 10-15 minute chat: we can then work out a best way forward.

Get in touch

If you feel that you might benefit from my counselling support then please get in touch for a no obligation 10-15 minute chat. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care

Whether you decide to contact me or not, and wherever you are in life and whatever you are feeling, I wish you well. In those times when you feel low it may be helpful to remember the medieval Sufi saying: ’This too shall pass’.

‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.’
Winston Churchill

Male Clients

Male Clients

Female Clients

Female Clients