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The Healing Power of Music and Movement

December 7th, 2022

For those of you who don’t know me, or who haven’t heard me say this before, in the pursuit of better mental health, I am a real believer in the therapeutic power of music and movement.

Gabrielle Roth, who created the pioneering 5Rhythms approach in which I am trained, said that movement is effective because the personality cannot keep up. 

What she meant by this is that often we have an idea about who we ‘think’ we are – I am this type of person or I am that type of person – but when we put our bodies into movement in a deep way, if we can get out of our own way and let our bodies run the show for a while, then our thoughts about who we ‘think’ we are, are often shattered. 

A simple exercise for you to try at home

If you live with others then maybe when everyone else is out and you have some time and space to yourself, or if you live with yourself, then when you have some uninterrupted time and space, then try moving, without judging yourself, to the following track: 


From ‘not enough’ to ‘bloody amazing’!

So many of us have limiting thoughts about ourselves – we are not smart enough, or brave enough, or powerful enough, or pretty enough, or likeable enough….. it’s all about how flawed and inadequate we are. 

But put our bodies into motion, and our body shows us something else about ourselves – actually we are creative, powerful, sensitive, connected, alive. 

We shift from feeling not enough, to feeling pretty bloody amazing! 

Movement therapy and therapeutic counselling in East Kent.

Movement practice works really well in conjunction with counselling: so that insights on the dance floor can be integrated into a new version of yourself. 

If you have not tried 5Rhythms before then come check it out – I offer 5Rhythms classes and workshops in Kent area and further details can be found at:

As well as offering 1:1 counselling sessions I can also offer 1:1 movement sessions. 

Reach out if you feel you could use my support. 

M: 07757 859650


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