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Counselling? I’m not sure that my problems are that serious!

May 16th, 2023

Are you putting on a brave face?

Do you try to constantly convince yourself and/or others that things are ok?

Do you have a persistent niggling feeling that something is not quite right?

Mental Health

Counsellors are trained to have knowledge about particular mental health conditions. If you decide to access counselling via the NHS then it is likely that you will already be struggling with a mental health condition that has been diagnosed.

However, and this for me is a big however, deciding to access counselling can be the biggest sign that you are starting to value yourself and taking yourself, your mental health, your happiness and your sense of contentment in life, seriously.

When it comes to mental health, prevention is better than cure!

Instead of waiting until your situation deteriorates and becomes a diagnosable mental health condition, counselling can be a way of staying mentally healthy.

To stay physically healthy we maybe think nothing of the idea of going for a brisk walk, going for a run or going to to the gym. So why do we not put in the same proactive and preventative effort into staying mentally healthy?

Faversham Counselling for Life Balance

If you are feeling out of balance, if something has happened at work that has really knocked your confidence, if your relationship feels a bit shaky, then these are issues that I would be really happy to hear from you about.

Left to fester over time, such knocks, breaks and shocks can often lead to a worsening of your mental health.


If you feel you might benefit from my support then get in touch. In know the prospect of seeking counselling can seem scary, but I really don’t bite.

Drop me an email or give me a call now on.


M: 07757 859650


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