Group Counselling

The Benefits of Working in a Group

From time to time I will be offering group counselling sessions on specific themes. Group Counselling sessions will be run in series of 5 sessions and participants will be required to commit to attending all five sessions. 

Details of future groups will be posted on this website and via my Linkedin account. Participation will be via an application process and a brief telephone or zoom interview will be required.

The benefits of working in a group are numerous. Whilst you are still able to work through your own issues, as you do in individual counselling, group counselling enables you do this in the company of other people who are struggling with the same or similar issue. The benefit of this, first, is not feeling that you all are alone with your problem i.e. the only one struggling with this issue – and this in itself can be hugely supportive, and second, working in a group, provides the opportunity to listen to other peoples experiences and to share tips about what has or has not worked for you. 

Confidentiality is established as a part of any group contract before any sharing work begins. 

Participants find working in a group to be supportive, therapeutically beneficial and even fun!    

‘By showing yourself – your complete self – to the world around you, the world can respond with validation of what is real about you.’

Alan Downs

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